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Welcome to Peel Driving School website. We provide professional driving lessons throughout GTA.  We have highly experienced instructors. Peel Driving School offers a various types of courses according to the needs of any student who wishes to learn how to drive. Peel Driving School focuses on enhancing proper road habits and expertise for each student to become a safe and responsible driver. We offer programs for all ages and various experience levels.

Digital E-Learning

Digital e-Learning Course

Effective from March 01, 2020, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has introduced BDE classroom sessions from in-class to online which is required for the completion of full BDE course with in-car lessons. Students can complete 20 hours of e-learning and 10 hours of home link from home.

The online course work

Contact the driving school and get the username and password to complete the classroom hours. Full BDE course includes 20 classroom hours + 10 home hours and 10 in-car lessons. When you complete your first online class session, you can start pursuing in-car lessons.

Time limit to complete the online course

Once the student has enrolled for BDE online course, they have one year to complete the course after the registration. It`s students responsibility after complete 10 on-road lessons and upload the car sheet online.

When can I start the BDE online course

Student can complete the BDE online classroom course anytime as the school provides asynchronous program which means student can do the course anytime according to your convenience.

Services Provided

Ministry-Approved BDE course provider
Prepration for knowledge written test
Flexible Payment in installments
Use the latest teaching aids
Manual car
1 to 1 lessons
Free local pickup form house or work
Complete courses in class and car

Instructors Near Me

      Frequently Ask Questions

      Question 1: How can I find my nearest instructor?

      • To find your nearest instructor follow the instructions:
      • Go the Peel Driving School website
      • Click on home page
      • Enter your address or postal code and then search
      • The website will provide you with the nearest available instructor
      • Call the school
      • Text your details on (416)666-0410 for further instructions to approach the instructor (his/her contact and availability)

      Question 2:Why should I firstly approach the school rather than the individual instructor?

      • The school is responsible for all the liabilities and the disputes and will take the authority for fulfilling your demands and answering all the queries.

      Question 3: Can I have car lessons for 1 hour at a time?

      • We charge $30 for a 45 minute lesson for G1 exit, but if you want to go for 1 hour lesson, the charges will be and additional of $10 per 15 minutes increased.
      • We charge $35 for a 45 minute lesson for G2 exit, but if you want to go for 1 hour lesson, the charges will be an additional of $10 per 15 minutes increased.

      Question 4: How many lessons do I need to be ready for my test?

      • It’s difficult to put an exact number of hours, as everybody learns at a different rate. The national average is 45 hours of professional training, but at Peel Driving School, we find many of our students pass in considerably less time than that, especially if you can practice privately.

      Question 5: Can I practice between lessons?

      • Yes, for sure. You can build up your own confidence by practicing to drive side by side when you are taking car lessons, when accompanied by a qualified driver. This experience can help you in progressing quickly.

      Question 6: What all is included in the full course provided by the school?

      • The full package includes:
      • 10 hours car lessons
      • 10 hours Home Link (school workbook)
      • 20 hours (4 days) classroom session

      Question 7: Who can book my road test?

      • Your assigned instructor will book your road test but you can also book by yourself.

      Question 8: Do you provide lessons in my native language?

      • We provide car lessons in Punjabi, Hindi and English.

      Question 9: Can I take lessons in my own car?

      • Yes, it is possible to do this depending on your insurance policy. You would need to check that your insurance policy covers professional driving tuition prior to booking lessons. However, we do recommend using our car for your lessons as the dual controls ensure maximum safety, particularly on the first few lessons.

      Question 10: Can I have a friend/relative in the car during my lesson?

      • Due to insurance policy purposes, we cannot allow anyone else except the instructor and the student to sit in the car. However, to check and examine your driving, your friend/relative could sit in the car for a couple of minutes.

      Question 11: Where do I pay for my lessons and the road test?

      • There are many options for you to opt for:
      • If you are taking individual car lessons, then you need to pay for each lesson to the car instructor.
      • If you are looking for the full package (10 hours car lessons, 10 hours Home Link (school workbook) and 20 hours (4 days) classroom session, then you need to come on the school premises for payment options.
      • Road test booking fee and the road test fee itself depends on whether you are booking the test or the instructor is.

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